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Privatsphäre und Sicherheit ﹝Englische Version﹞

The purpose of privacy and security rules located on this page is determining the responsibilities, privacy and security limits for personal information that you share with us in your purchases from our website.

1- Privacy:

Venois Hosting attaches great importance to the safety and integrity of the information of our customers. Right of usage of the information gathered during purchasing belongs to Venois Hosting. Information gathered in website, can not be sold, rented or given to third parties in any way else except for the ways mentioned here. All the shopping you do from and sub-websites and data entry are carried out safely with SSL certificate, and it is attached a great importance to the safety and privacy of the information and data entered by customers and users of Venois.

These privacy policies includes rules of gathering and distribution of daya on and sub-websites by Mitues Global Teknolojiler Veri Merkezi Hizmetleri Ltd. Sti.(Venois). Your IP address will be used for solving the problems about accessing to your accounts/websites in our servers, and identifying you and gathering your explicit demographic information. Cookies are used in our website for prevention of the same advertisements and security follow-up. It is possible to share information about login security and content presentation in accordance with your likes via Cookies.

During registration, our customers must enter their contact information (name, address, phone number, e-mail address etc.), statistical information (age, annual revenue etc), financial information (credit card information, account number) and personal information (tax ID number, identification number etc.). We use this kind of information that you enter in this form, for the purpose of sending the information, campaign news and materials about our firm and the other firms, determined by our firm, to our users. Contact information is also used when we want to get in contact with our users, and will be shared with other official bodies that wanna get in contact with these users. All records are saved for security reasons and our users can not get these records deleted on their own accords.

Financial information is used in receiving the price of the purchased product or service, and in other acts in law. Personal information is used in logging in the system and authentication in other circumstances. Statistical and profile information is also pooled in our system. This kind of information can be used anytime.

There are links to other websites in our website.

Our website,, is not responsible for privacy policies and contents of other websites.

2- Public Spaces:

There are newsgroups, message boards and forums that users can use freely. It should not be forgotten that the information which is given in such spaces becomes public. You must take this situation into consideration while giving your personal information in such sections.

3- Security:

There are security precautions in order to prevent data loss, disallowed usage and change of the information in our website. These precautions are;

● Saving your previous profile info

● Saving notices, which are sent to support system

● Securing other login screens except for the bank connections by credit card, (SSL used) and 3D Secure

● Saving all e-mails, which are sent to us

4- Regulation / Revision:

Our users have a right to change all their info, which is saved in our system. For security reasons, previous information recorded before will not be deleted.

5- The Information We Gather:

Venois Hosting may gather some identical information. All the forms and applications, which are requested by users, and all the online forms that are used in service orders are within this scope. Venois Hosting may gather information about the way its users use the website. For instance; it may gather information about the favourite pages which draws the most attention or favourite services. Similarly, cookies may be used to observe the way its users use the website. Cookie are softwares which are located in users PC in order to identify the user in next visit. All the information gathered from the users are not personal but it may be another kind of information related to personal info.

6- Sharing of Information Gathered and Disclosure:

Venois Hosting may share the gathered information with other reliable solution partners in accordance with abovementioned reasons. Also, a set of anonymous information based upon gathered user information might be shared with investors and potential partners. Venois Hosting can transfer the gathered information in some circumstances generated from a sale or handover.

7- Update:

The SECURITY POLICY in this website might be updated by Venois Hosting, if appropriate.

Please inform us via if you experience any improper action against security policy published by Venois Hosting, or if you do have a question.

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