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Nutzungsbedingungen für das Hosting (Englische Version)


1- Service Provider and Parties

This agreement is concluded between Mitues Global Teknolojiler Veri Merkezi Hizmetleri Limited Şirketi (hereinafter referred to as Venois) and customers who purchase the services provided by Venois (hereinafter referred to as “CUSTOMER”).

Address: Yakuplu Mah. Hürriyet Bulvarı, Skyport Plaza, No:1, Kat:3, D.No:64-65, PK:34520, Beylikdüzü - İSTANBUL

Phone: 0850 885 01 14

2- Subject of the Agreement

The subject of this agreement is the hosting service provided by Venois (server hosting, colocation, cabin rental, equipment hosting, and any such ownership of the device owned by the Customer Venois'te) to determine the terms of use of the service.

3- Content Permission

According to Law no. 5651, Venois is a “hosting provider”. Venois is not obliged to check the content it provides or to investigate whether there is an illegal activity. However, the use of all services provided by Venois need to be appropriate in accordance with international agreements, international law and conventions of the Republic of Turkey. Venois is not obliged to inform its customers of any legal changes. Services may only be used under legal permits. All of our customers who benefit from our services agree, declare and undertake that all content or applications they publish and / or run are in compliance with the law and that they are not preventing or damaging the rights and freedoms of other real or legal persons.

Copyright or trademark infringement is prohibited for services provided by Venois. Copyrights are used for copying all kinds of content such as videos, music, books or photographs that are of the nature of the owner or not. covers all rights violations that may occur. If the trademark owner or infringer's products are published without permission, the accounts of the Client or legal entities will be terminated when officially notified to Venois.

4- Restrictions

Examples of transactions that are not allowed in all our services are listed below;

● IRC Scripts and Bots

● Proxy Scripts and Anonymizers

● Pirate Software and Warez

● AutoSurf, PTC, PTS and PPC sites

● IP Scanners

● Bruteforce Programs, Scripts and Applications

● Spam Mailing, Spam Scripts and Mailer Pro

● Sale of goods without appropriate permits

● Sites with all kinds of content such as Adult, Erotic, Adult Story and Video

● Dating and all sites with this content, such as escorts, gigolo sites

● Lottery and Gambling Sites

● MUDs, RPGs and PBBGs

● Hacker sites focused archive programs

● Sites promoting illegal activities

● Crypto and Crypto Mining

Venois reserves the right to refuse service to any account holder. Your service will be disabled with or without notice when a material you publish is obscene, threatened, unlawful or in a way that violates a service use agreement.

When you receive an e-mail from our Abuse department, you are required to respond to the notification within 24 hours via a support ticket and / or email. If no response is received within 24 Hours, the service may need to be suspended or terminated. In addition, according to the law no. 5651, court decisions sent by the Provincial Security Directorates, ESB (Association of Access Providers) or ICTA (Information and Communication Technologies Authority) are applied by law without any notice in 4 hours, regardless of day or night.

Sending spam or junk mail in bulk with restrictions is strictly prohibited. E-mails sent from Member and Databases, mailing lists purchased and e-mails sent to them are considered as Spam. The accounts of the customers performing these activities will be stopped without warning or they will be restricted against sending e-mails and the service will not be activated again until the customer stops the spam e-mail.

Venois reserves the right to shut down any service that does not comply with this agreement and to make changes in an emergency according to its own circumstances.

It is strictly forbidden to publish content that could potentially harm young people, and child pornography or similar perceived content is considered in this category. In case any child porn is hosted or notified on any site, our customer will be notified about the removal of the content and if this happens again, the service will be terminated. In the event that the service owner is not aware of this, 24 hours are given for the removal of the content.

In case of DDoS attacks, flood, ip spoffing and similar attacks that may come to a service, the users receiving this service will be affected by this situation and the account will be temporarily closed with the IP address under attack.

5- Backup and Data Loss

Venois implements its own backup policy due to its quality standards. According to this Policy; We are not responsible for the management of the servers used in the colocation service. Venois therefore does not assume any responsibility for obtaining a replacement for this service. Venois cannot be held responsible for any hardware failures and data loss that may occur on our servers receiving colocation service. Customers can receive assistance through a support request on their servers for backup configuration. After this configuration, the customer must also check that the backup system is operational and whether the backups are received correctly.

6- Conditions about Technical Support

Requests for technical support are only accepted and recorded from the automation system. The answers to the technical support requests are also sent in response to the support requests sent to the automation system.

Technical support over the phone is strictly not provided. Our customers who send a support request can contact us by telephone to inform our team that the issue is urgent about support requests, or they can get information about the status of the support request. The solution of the problem, the details and the information is made again through the support request sent.

Venois can only support its customers in matters related to their business. Venois does not manage the servers because the administrator password belongs to the customer. The content of the technical support that Venois will provide to the customer is stated below. Requests outside the scope of technical support contained in the specified items shall be fulfilled by making a service level agreement.

● Installation of the servers hosted in server hosting service is done by the customer with KVM Over IP devices. If required, Venois installs the operating system free of charge once a year.

● Installation of control panel software purchased from Venois on the operating system is free of charge.

● While the use of control panel software purchased from Venois is provided by the customer, Venois will provide support for any failure in these panels. Support for the use of control panel software is not provided by Venois.

● The customer is responsible for any malfunctions that may occur in the operating systems and the necessary actions are taken by Venois personnel to ensure that the customer can access the server remotely. (KVM Over IP, Console access, etc.) Troubleshoot problems should be done by the customer again. If requested, the operating systems can also be restarted in rescue mode on various operating systems.

● Technical support is provided by Venois in case of problems with internet access on servers or other internet-connected equipment. However, the internet access was outage; Venois technical personnel will provide technical support if the solution is possible if the operating system on the server is due to running applications and / or user errors.

● Depending on the type of attack related to Internet attacks on your server, Venois offers a Firewall service for a fee. You can request information from our company for technical details of this service. If you do not have a Firewall service, Venois does not provide technical support to prevent the attack. However, if requested, log records of incoming attacks are provided, IP address is closed and IP address is temporarily prevented from accessing abroad.

7- Internet Access

a-) Colocation Internet Access

Restrictions on internet access in server hosting (colocation) for a single server;

● Quoted internet access is defined for each server without sharing. Customers using this service do not host different servers on the same network.

● The traffic usage is calculated over the total of the incoming and outgoing (Upload / Download) internet connection. In case of exceeding the quota, traffic exceeding fee is paid for the price determined by Venois for every 1 Gigabyte exceeding. These excess fees will be billed on the first day of each month, unlike the billing period of the service.

● In the case of traffic exceeding the fair usage quota of the incoming and outgoing internet connection in internet access with fair usage quota, no traffic exceeding fee is paid, but internet access is limited to 10Mbps until the first day of the following month.

● The internet access speed is not limited to the purchased speed considering the performance and instant needs in the internet access given without a fair use quota. The limit on this subject is limited to the rate of purchased internet if necessary, if the usage rate is over 144 minutes in the last 48 hours.

● Customer is responsible for using the service within the limits.

b-) Virtual Data Center, Cabin, Cage Area and Equipment Access

Restrictions on internet access in services such as virtual data center service, cabin rental, cage area, equipment hosting;

● Internet access is provided without traffic sharing, which allows you to transfer unlimited data per month and unlimited traffic. It can be used on all devices where a single internet access will be located.

● Equipment for the use of Internet access is provided by the customer in these services. The customer can request Uplink with 1 Gigabit, 10 Gigabit fiber optic or 1 Gigabit copper CAT6 / CAT6A / CAT7 S / FTP cable for the internet access to be provided. Uplik redundancy determines the fees associated with the Uplink type Venois. Special wiring is made by Venois in accordance with Venois quality standards and invoiced to the customer.

● Purchased internet access capacity is limited to 25% above the internet access speed when the port capacity allows, considering performance and instant needs. If this limit is exceeded for a total of 144 minutes in the last 48 hours, internet access will be limited to the purchased speed. This application is not applied at speeds of 2 Gigabit and above, speed limit is set for purchased internet access.

● The customer can purchase the management service of his network equipment from Venois. Management Venois will not be held responsible for any performance or access interruptions caused by any network equipment owned by the Customer.

● It is the responsibility of the Customer to use the service within the limits.

8- Servers Sent for Colocation Service and Other Equipments

Restrictions and rules for servers and other equipment to be sent to the data center;

● Venois is not responsible for any equipment sent to the data center and any empty cartons used to transport the server. Venois does not store all components to be used for the transport of parcels or similar equipment, but does not return them to the customer unless otherwise stated.

● Outside of the standards, the installation of devices without cabinet mounting equipment, the placement of Tower servers without side cover or exhaust fan in the data center, and all such equipment combined to cause a fire hazard are not allowed in the data center.

● Devices without cabinet mounting equipment can be placed in the cabinet using partition shelves. For this reason, the Client will be charged for 1U additional space to be used for the deployment of servers sent to the data center without cabinet mounting equipment and for the cabinet partition shelf used.

● In the data center, power distribution sockets (PDUs) are supplied with plugs with DIN 49441 input. Servers must be sent with a plug with DIN 49441 input. For devices without DIN 49441, the power cable can be supplied by Venois for a fee. The PDUs that are supplied with energy from different phases are directly connected to the grounding line and the grounding line measurement is measured periodically by Venois and the companies providing service to Venois on energy.

● Dual PDUs for each cabinet within the data center provides a total of 4x16 Amps (64 Amps) of energy. Parallel and redundant Online UPS devices are supplied to 230V power cabinets. According to this planning, 1.5 Ampere energy is given for each 1U area. Venois may charge the Customer additional charges for the load on the PDU, unlike standard energy charges, for any use made above it.

● In the data center, air conditioning is planned as 6kW with N + 1 redundancy for each cabinet. Venois may charge additional charges from such equipment and servers outside the standard list prices due to the temperature caused by Customer servers within the cabinet creating a temperature different from the standards and / or not properly cooling the devices used.

9- Use of IP Adresses and Distrbition

Rules for the use and distribution of IP addresses for Customers receiving all hosting services;

● IP Address deployment on a single server hosting service is scheduled as /29 subnet per physical server. This equates to 8 (5 available) IP addresses, including gateway, broadcast and network IP addresses. Venois server hosting services /29 subnet - 5 available IP address is available to the customer for free. For customers who require more IP addresses, additional IP addresses can be allocated at the price determined by Venois.

● Customers who host servers in bulk can receive IP requests with a single subnet in consideration of the number of servers available. Where it is possible to increase the subnet values of these IP addresses, IP can be allocated as /26, /25, /24 and above. Venois server hosting services /29 subnet per server - 5 available IP addresses are available to the customer for free. For customers who require more IP addresses, additional IP addresses can be allocated at the price determined by Venois.

● In order to use the IP addresses of our customers in our data center, it is necessary to make BGP Announcement through our data center. BGP announcement is made with a price policy determined by Venois.

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